Vacancy Bid 21-11V

Updated: May 26

MAY 25, 2021, 23:00 CT

The first two snapshots show new hires with the highest seniority number being 13,111 (up from 13,047 - suggesting 64 new hires in the system for the May 25, 2021, snapshot. However, only about a dozen of these new hires show awards in the snapshot. So, a further analysis of CCS data is required to establish a correct template for Matrix category snapshots.

Since the company, with ALPA's agreement, has suspended the admin's CCS access, it looks increasingly improbable that the Matrix can continue to generate accurate Category Summaries for the snapshots.

MAY 21, 2021, 12:00 CT

The Admin is on vacation next week, but we will publish a few snapshots before the bid closes.

Vacancy bid 21-11V

OPENS: May 21 at noon CT.

CLOSES: June 2 at noon CT.

EFFECTIVE: October 30, 2021 - read the Flt Ops bulletin and pertinent ALPA bulletins.

TRAINING: As early as July - read the Flt Ops bulletin and pertinent ALPA bulletins.

UPA Section 8-F Activation of Assignment Explained

UPA Section 8-D Freezes Explained

Vacancy bid 21-11V published:

Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Vacancy bids

Latest Flight Ops Category Summary published for Vacancy Bid 21-10V Final Award April 27, 2021: Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Vacancy bids

Latest UAL Matrix Excel/PDF Category Summary is here.

If you have accessed the Matrix though the main login page, these link will work for you:

Latest UAL Matrix Webview Category Summary with MIN, MAX and Headcount Ceilings Percentages is here.

The PDF for the image below is here.

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