Vacancy Bid 21-09V

Updated: Mar 12

Update, UAL MEC March 11, 2021

Pay Protection

Pilots who wish to maintain pay protection provided by LOA 20-05 must be certain they have a bid in at 100 percent to the underlying category that is providing their pay protection. Even if there is no advertised vacancy for the category providing your pay protection, there could be secondary or backfill vacancies, so you need a bid in at 100 percent. This MEC update from January 21 provides important details on the rules for affected pilots and examples to keep pay protection intact. Please send questions via PDR using the "LOA 20-05 Pandemic Recovery Questions" dropdown selection.

MAR 9, 2021, 21:00 CT

Vacancy bid 21-09V

OPENS: March 9 at noon CT.

CLOSES: March 19 at noon CT.

EFFECTIVE: August 29, 2021 (SEP bid month).

TRAINING: regular - May 2021 bid month (but as early as APR, 2021)

Vacancy bid 21-09V published:

Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Vacancy bids

Town Hall Q&A has pertinent info regarding grandfather rights, pay protection, etc. - here.

Q. Will there be grandfather rights in the upcoming vacancy bid?

A. Yes. In accordance with the Pandemic Recovery LOA, pilots who were displaced in displacement bids 20-07D, 20-08D, and/or 20-09D will have grandfather rights for any vacancy bid that is opened on or before March 31, 2021. Pilots who were displaced in displacement bid 21-01D will have grandfather rights in accordance with the UPA, or for any vacancy bid that is opened on or before April 29, 2021. In a vacancy bid, pilots with grandfather rights receive a vacancy award, by seniority amongst other pilots with grandfather rights, before a vacancy award is made to pilots without grandfather rights.
-updated 1/07/21

Latest Flight Ops Category Summary published for Vacancy Bid 21-01D Final Award JAN 27, 2021: Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Vacancy bids

Latest UAL Matrix Category Summary with MIN, MAX and Headcount Ceilings Percentages PDF is here.

The UAL Matrix 21-06V Vacancy Screen vs 21-09V MIN-MAX PDF is here.

Note: CCS Vacancy Bid Screen # of Positions are usually the same as the Vacancy MIN numbers.

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