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Update to the UAL Matrix Snapshot Web View.

Added two columns that should make the spreadsheets unnecessary - for those that don't speak MS Excel:

  • Pct = Percentage published by the company in Snapshot Category Summary.

  • Min/Max = Percentage based on Min/Max Projected Staffing.

  • Target = Percentage based on "Global Tentative Headcount Target."

The company has only issued "Global Tentative Headcount Targets" for WB and large NB. The only company guidance available for NB, for now, is as follows:

"Unfortunately, I don’t have headcount targets for the narrowbody fleets. We can generally move flying around to match pilot staffing, so it’s much more fluid. Paul." So, everybody should understand that Min/Max and "Global Tentative Headcount Targets" are the same for NB fleets:

If you have just joined, the UAL Matrix Snapshot Web View is a new feature.

Select a list, then click browser refresh to update the page code if you have visited today.

Otherwise you may be looking at the cashed (stored) older code until the next calendar date or browser page refresh.

The ALPA static seniority list number is now used universally throughout all reports.

It is still in limited use in the MAIN and SYSTEM pages. The SYSTEM page will see an update soon to work with the ALPA number as well.

I will be adding a column with base percentages relative to Bid 20-07D, hopefully before Friday.

Your relative seniority for any give category is marked with ()*.

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