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UAL Matrix subscription service.

Updated: Feb 10

Updated: FEB 10, 2021, 15:00 CT

Updated premium subs and the menu bar reflecting premium pages.

NOTE: Furloughed pilots can use this site free of charge.

In the event of actual furloughs, furloughees will have a free subscription available.

If you have a subscription and you are furloughed, the subscription will be put on hold or cancelled. If it is cancelled, you may replace it with a free plan for furloughees.
The one Month Free Trial plan does not require a credit card. Give it a try!

Dear UAL Matrix Patron:

The Matrix has been a free service while it grew in beta development over the last 18 months. As the project has matured, the amount of time required to maintain this service has increased. The UAL Matrix is transitioning from a beta project to a release candidate. To maintain a quality service we will have to ask for a nominal fee for some of the pages.

Many pages are FREE except the premium pages shown in red below:

To access the premium pages, there are various options available:

  • The 30 day Free Trial plan does not require a credit card. Give it a try!

  • Cancel any time. No refunds on partial periods.

  • Manage subscriptions here.


  • Free Trial: one month, all pages, all features. No gimmicks, no credits cards.

  • Single Month for $14.99, all pages, all features. Does not auto-renew.

  • 6 Months for $29.99, all pages, all features. Does not auto-renew.

  • Yearly: suspended, may return as a special sale offer.

Great staffing and system bidding tools for about one Starbucks coffee per month.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope for your continued support.




UAL Matrix

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