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UAL Matrix Free Trial

Updated: Nov 3, 2020


The UAL Matrix is a freemium service. Some pages are free, and some premium pages require a nominal fee. A subscription for the premium features can be obtained at the cost of about one Starbucks coffee per month. More information is available here (requires login).

Per the Terms of Service (TOS) every user who has not yet enjoyed a 30-day free trial to date, is getting signed up for one automatically. New accounts are also automatically signed up for a 30-day FREE TRIAL when they are created. As you may have noticed, there is no payment method involved.

The FREE TRIAL is completely unconditional.

We do hope you will take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the premium features of the UAL Matrix. If you are not interested in that free opportunity, you can safely ignore the FREE TRIAL and the Matrix service.


If you are not interested in receiving free news updates from the UAL Matrix, you have at least two options:

· Subscribe or unsubscribe to news emails from the menu item “My Account > Settings.”

· Unsubscribe from the news emails via a link at the bottom of each email.

· You can always email with inquiries of any kind.

Hopefully, this memo provides more clarity.




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