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"Standardized" Seniority List March 2020

Updated the code to work with the the "standardized" seniority list published March 2, 2020.

Apparently, ALPA insists on a fixed seniority number for one full year, published every July 1. I have reached out to get an explanation as to the wisdom of that move, but since I am hanging out incommunicado with Wilson on the island, I have had no responses so far.

The seniority list of our matrix has seen an update to.

It now sports the CCS seniority (SenCCS) and the ALPA standardized seniority (SysSen).

SenCCS is the current and dynamic seniority in CCS which changes daily. In this app, it is uploaded monthly on the 1st of the month.

SysSen is the CCS staffing "System Seniority" which is the same as the "standardized" seniority - the fixed seniority number for one full year (published every July 1).

Fixed a bug related to counting retirements.

Still improving and tweaking the code.

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