Re-Do Process Final, NOV 2, 2020

Updated: Nov 3

Update: NOV 3, 2020, 12:30 CT


  • Min/Max: the 20-09D Min/Max numbers

  • Headcount Ceilings: Highest of: 20-09D July 20, 2020, update or OCT 21, 2020, bulletin.

  • The Narrowbody fleets are still a mess with the MP guidance of "we'll move the flying to where the pilots are."

Category Summary with Min/Max and Headcount Ceilings PDF is here.

Update: NOV 3, 2020, 10:30 CT

Category Summary published:

Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Displacement bids

Look for a vacancy bid to be published any moment:

Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Vacancy bids

Category Summary Matrix Count PDF is here.

NOV 2, 2020, 15:30 CT

There are 2,998 pilots eligible for the DO-OVER selection process.

The deadline for entering a bid was Monday, November 2 at 1000 CT.

OCT 30, 2020, snapshot is here. OCT 27, 2020, snapshot is here. OCT 22, 2020, snapshot is here.

OCT 29, 2020, FLT OPS Townhall notes:

  • Vacancy Bid immediately after the re-do process closes NOV 2, 2020.

  • Followed by two displacement bids.

  • Block hour increase for DEC affecting LOA 20-05 MPG.

  • No plans in the near future for LAX756 crew base (but no further 756 fleet reductions).

  • Other questions: "reference OCT 21, 2020, Manpower Planning bulletin."

Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Displacement bids

  • The UAL Matrix Count-only PDF is here.

  • The UAL Matrix Count with Names and 20-07D, 20-08D, 20-09D awards, and Category Summary for OCT 19, 2020, PDF is here.

  • Excel with Filters is here.






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