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PVSL2 Effective APR 1, 2021

The UAL Matrix has incorporated the 66 PVSL2 awards exiting April 1, 2021.

These are all 787 pilots. The PVSL 1 & 2 - Final Count is here.

  • The main matrix under "MAIN PVSL" incorporates these awards and shows you how many of these awards are senior to you.

  • PDF and EXCEL files with the PVSL2 award effective APR 2021 are also available. The PDF and an EXCEL files incorporate DOB/DOH/Retirement Date.

"STATIC" number is the seniority number from the official, yearly July 1 list. It is labeled "STATIC" because it remains unchanged for a year.

"DYNAMIC" number is the STATIC number minus retirements, calculated for every first of every month. It is obtained by counting all pilots senior to you in the monthly CCS Staffing Report.

Note that the official July 1, 2020, seniority list incorporates 105 pilots that do not show up in the CCS Staffing Report for July 1, 2020. The DYNAMIC number does not include these pilots.

The SYSTEM page needs currently a manual reset to reflect the PVSL2 award for APR 2021.

On January 1, 2020, the SYSTEM page will automatically switch to the new data.

To manually reset the SYSTEM page matrix, do the following:

(1) Click the button highlighted red (Quick Select button).

(2) Click the button "Delete Data."

(3) Confirm delete, and the site will calculate a new SYSTEM Matrix that incorporates the PVSL2 awards effective APR 2021.

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