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New SYSTEM page UI Update

OCT 27, 2020, 05:00 CT.

OCT 7, 2020, we introduced the new SYSTEM page with color matrix and G-Line/LPA/LCF/LCC info. That blog update is here.

We have added a G-Line visualization.

If you are junior to the G-Line seniority in any category, that category will show a dog-ear with a "G" to indicate that fact.

This allows a user to see at a glance all categories were the user cannot hold a line.

An example of the new SYSTEM matrix:


  • Be patient - the pages takes a few seconds to load.

  • When you click a category: The G-line in the right box is amber if the user is junior to the G-line and it is Green if the user is senior to the G-Line.

  • The LCF, LPA and LCC are displaying only for the senior group. For detailed group info use the "Lists | Jr Man Matrix" page.

  • The "System-NEW" and the "Lists | Jr Man Matrix" pages are premium pages.

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