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New Feature: Displacement Bid Snapshot with relative seniority and percentages (Min/Max - Headcount)


Click browser refresh to update the page code if you have visited today.

Otherwise you may be looking at the cashed (stored) code until the next calendar date or browser page refresh.

The ALPA static seniority list number from the yearly Seniority List is now used universally throughout all reports, as both ALPA and the company have moved to eliminate the dynamic number from virtually all reports.

In the UAL Matrix the dynamic "CCS number" is still in limited use in the MAIN and SYSTEM pages. Both pages will see an update soon to work with the ALPA number as well.

Click any category to show a staffing list with awards and percentages:

  • Your relative seniority for any give category is marked with ()*.

  • Column Min/Max: Percentages for Min/Max Projected Staffing.

  • Column Target: Percentages for 'Tentative Headcount Targets - Global Categories.'

  • Scroll to your position as indicated in the header, or type your name or employee ID in the search bar to instantly pull up your info.

'Tentative Headcount Targets - Global Categories:' The "Min/Max" and "Target" percentages are different, as the 'Tentative Headcount Targets' are significantly higher than the Min/Max projected staffing numbers:

Narrowbodies: The "Min/Max" and "Target" percentages are the same, as headcount targets for NBs are not available:

Bid 20-07D closes May 22, 2020, at noon.

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