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New BES - Base Equipment, Status

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Note: This blog post only applies to users in February 2020. Notes here no longer apply after that.

February 2020 has a new BES - ORD 787, with three (3) First Officers and zero (0) Captains.

March shows 13 Captains and 21 First Officers.

On the first of each month, a new matrix is computed automatically and any new BES will show up automatically.

However, if you have visited this site in the first week of February 2020 then the software computed a matrix without the new base (ORD).

To show the new BES in the system screen, you have to delete the old matrices.

- In the SYSTEM screen, select the button highlighted here in red:

- In the next screen, select "Delete Data" and confirm the delete:

- The software will now compute a new matrix with the new BES added.

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