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LOA 20-05 Paragraph G Do Over Selection Process

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Update: OCT 21, 2020, 02:00 CT

Note: If you qualify for the do-over process, you should have received a targeted CCS message explaining that process.

Only 2998 pilots qualified for the do-over - this post is for the rest of us, who like to look at the latest staffing actions and data (sorry if that caused confusion).

OCT 19, 2020, 18:00 CT

Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Displacement bids

Flt Ops > Crew Resources > Displacement bids > New Displacement Destination

The file above from "click here" is "g3-combined-documents.pdf"

It contains:

  • 4 JrMan Matrices (20-07D, 20-08D, 20-09D, JrMan Matrix for OCT 19, 2020).

  • A list of all qualified pilots and their options for the do over selection (3,026 total).

  • A CATGORY SUMMARY that has a higher total count than the OCT 15, 2020, CAT SUM.

PDF for the 4 JrMan Matrices is here.

Count for the updated CATEGORY SUMMARY, OCT 19, 2020:

OCT 18, 2020, 21:00 CT

Critical update for the "Do Over" Selection Process

October 18, 2020

ALPA SSC - Do Over Selection Process

The following update is from the System Schedule Committee's Schedule Production and Operational Sub-Committees

LOA 20-05 Paragraph G Do Over Selection Process

The LOA 20-05 Paragraph G Do Over Selection Process will open this week and close on November 2. Specific details will be provided by CCS message. Please note the Do Over Selection Process IS NOT a Vacancy or Displacement bid. The LOA 20-05 Paragraph F.2. requirement to bid for one’s underlying pay protection Category only applies to Vacancies and Displacement bids, and not to the Do Over Process. You DO NOT need to select your underlying pay protection Category during the Do Over Process to maintain pay protection. The Do Over Selection Process is available to all pilots who remained Displaced after the first 14-Day Cancellation Process Window closed. Pilots who opted out of an LOA Paragraph G Displacement cancellation during the first 14-Day Cancellation Process are not eligible to participate. This process is, as the name suggests, a “selection process” and not a Vacancy or Displacement bid. You will only be able to choose one selection and there will not be an option for conditional or “percentage” bidding.

The Company will publish helpful information to guide pilots in this process. This will include an updated Category Summary with the results of the Cancellation process and most recent Base Trade award, a list of eligible Categories each pilot will be able to choose from during the selection process, and four Junior Man Matrices. The Junior Man Matrices will be from 20-07D, 20-08D, 20-09D, and the current Junior Man Matrix. To allow for easier interpretation of these Matrices, all seniority numbers will be normalized to the July 1, 2020 Seniority List. In other words, you will enter each Junior Man Matrix using your July 1, 2020 Seniority number to determine what you could have held during each prior Displacement and on the current Junior Man Matrix. Note - Volunteers will use the seniority of the junior pilot they used in their original Displacement when referencing that Junior Man Matrix to establish what they could have held then, and their own seniority number in reference to the updated Junior Man Matrix for what they now can hold now. Please note, these “normalized” matrices will be published along with the eligible Category list for pilots as part of this selection process information. The original Junior Man Matrices for each Displacement, as published to FlyingTogether, will not be “normalized” and will contain their original seniority numbers.

During the Do Over Selection Process you will select one Category from your eligible choices. You may update bids throughout the selection window. Only your last input choice will be considered for award. The Company has committed to providing snapshots during the process and will communicate the timeline for these in their CCS message. Participation is optional for eligible pilots and is not required.

Pilots who are affected by LOA 20-05 Paragraph F.3 (787/777 or 737/320) will receive a separate communication from the company indicating they will be switched to their respective 787 or 737 Category unless they opt out. This is a completely independent procedure from the Do Over Process. One can still participate in the Do Over process and select an eligible Category without risk to any LOA provided pay protection. For example, a EWR 737 CA was Displaced to EWR 320 FO in 20-07D and is not cancelled. During the F.3 separate process, they will be automatically switched to EWR 737 FO, unless they opt out. They may still participate in the Do Over Process as well. Assuming in this example they are senior enough, they may select EWR 787 FO in the Do Over Process which would supersede the automatic switch to EWR 737 FO under the F.3 assignment rule. They would retain their EWR 737 CA pay protection and only be required to bid EWR 737 CA at 100% in any future Vacancy or Displacement bid.

Pilots who select a higher paying Category during the Do Over process will be eligible for that pay rate protection the first day of the January bid period if not activated sooner. This follows the intent of UPA 8-F-7-a-(3) with an imputed award date of Nov 2 (close of the Do Over Process). Please note, in the event of a selection to a Category that pays more than your June 29 pay protection, pay protection under the LOA at your June 29 rate is only applicable if one is later subject to additional Displacements after the Do Over Process is complete.

There are no Freezes for any Displacement award, nor any selection made in the Do Over or F.3 processes. The UPA only applies Freezes for Vacancy bids and the Do Over is a “selection” process.

Please PDR your questions using the “LOA 20-05 Pandemic Recovery Questions” committee selection.

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