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Displacement Bid 20-08D

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Content of this blog:

  • CCS Staffing June 1, 2020

  • 20-07D Displacement Final

  • 20-08D Displacement, closes June 24, 2020, noon CT.

  • Pertinent bulletins and links to official documents.

There is really no need for much commentary - the company and ALPA bulletins spell it all out and the actual numbers speak for themselves. You have to read between the lines. One comment: Since the MAX of the MIN-MAX bulletin is contractually not in play in displacement bids, the non-binding "Tentative Headcount Ceilings - Global Categories" has kinda taken its place, in an informational way only. It was called "Tentative Headcount Targets" in 20-07D, and you won't find it in the UPA.

One more comment in case you missed it: The projected staffing for captain positions remains in line with a 30% reduction in manpower. However, the total "projected staffing" has gone from 7290 in 20-07D to 10,070 in 20-08D. This allows for maximum flexibility. We will publish Snapshot Web Views with relative seniority and Excel spreadsheets as the snapshots become available. Seniority numbers are always the static, yearly ALPA numbers from the official seniority list from each July.

You should read at least the UPA Section 8, if you have not done so yet.

CCS Staffing June 1, 2020

These numbers do not include CP (85) and TI (445) pilots:

20-07D Displacement Final

20-08D vs 20-07D

In case the above matrices don't show correctly on your device, here they are one by one:

Manpower Planning Documents:

Every pilot involved in or concerned with the process should read the relevant sections of the UPA (including section 8-E ). If you haven't read that section, you probably won't realize some important details and protections that are part of the displacement process.

The ALPA SSC published a document which is very helpful in explaining the process.

ALPA SSC update for May 13, 2020 regarding displacement bid conditional bidding.

ALPA SSC update for May 8, 2020 regarding 309 displacement bid cancellations.

ALPA SSC update for May 7, 2020 regarding relative seniority.

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