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2020 - Perhaps a release version.

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

While the Beta version gives you a general visualization of your seniority, there are some essential features that have yet to be properly implemented.

Unfortunately, in all of 2019 the site only saw a total of about 3 months worth of development, with actually only a few weeks of coding.

Hopefully, if there are no further delays or sabotage, the remaining features can be completed in the first quarter with perhaps a release version sometime this year.

Some items that we are working on:

  • General bug and error corrections.

  • Overhaul of the "Lists | Jr Man" page (with G-Line, etc.) - COMPLETED.

  • Detailed Statistics for each BES - in current pages and in a dedicated Statistics page.

  • Graphs for BES - COMPLETED.

  • Improved security features such as auto-logoff after inactivity.

  • Monthly seniority list from ALPA. Currently, ALPA is only making it available to some select members. With monthly lists, all new hires can enjoy this site.

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