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2020-05-14 Snapshot Matrix

Note: For filters and sorting to work, you must use Microsoft Excel.

Ms Excel for iPhone/iPad is here.

MS Excel Snapshot Spreadsheet is here.

  • Combines various company reports

  • Award count.

  • You can sort by any column.

  • Seniority percentages based on projected staffing in Bid 20-07D.

  • Seniority percentages based on global "Tentative Headcount Targets."

  • The JrMan Matrix was updated and it maintains its May 2, 2020, date stamp.

  • The Snapshot count like above should be available daily.

  • The Category Summary should be available daily here.

  • The Combo spreadsheet should be available daily.

Manpower Planning Documents:

Every pilot involved in or concerned with the process should read the relevant sections of the UPA (including section 8-E ). If you haven't read that section, you probably won't realize some important details and protections that are part of the displacement process.

The ALPA SSC published a document which is very helpful in explaining the process.

ALPA SSC update for May 13, 2008 regarding displacement bid conditional bidding.

ALPA SSC update for May 8, 2008 regarding 309 displacement bid cancellations.

ALPA SSC update for May 7, 2008 regarding relative seniority.

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