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Code Updates

  • Reviewed flow and User Interface (UI) and made several changes.

  • Reviewed all pages and updated for the "standardized" seniority number.

  • Some have asked "how do I change my DOH (Date of hire)?"

It's always been there, but it is not obvious, because there is nothing that looks like a button.

Just click on the DOH and a dialog will open to change it:

The JrMan and Graphs pages got an update with a color coded G-Line info in the Base Info Box. If you're a lineholder in the BES selected, then the G-Line info is colored green.

Otherwise it is colored orange. Also, the "MY SENIORITY" line is placed according to seniority position. This should assist in quick reading of current seniority vs G-Line.

All seniority for both pages is the "standardized" seniority number (what is shown in CCS as the System Seniority Number, and published every July in the official Seniority List).

Senior to G-Line, green color:

Junior to G-Line, orange color:

Current code development:

  • Career earnings page.

  • Stats page for nerds.

  • Add G-line graph - visualize G-Line in Graphs page.

  • Desktop only page with graphs and stats all over for 4K screen resolution.


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