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ALPA Bidding Tools, LOA 20-05

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

October 7, 2020, 15:30 CT

Important update from the UAL MEC News, October 6, 2020.

For reference:

Bidding Tools

The two Excel spreadsheets linked below are designed to help pilots bidding in the displacement cancellation process and for monthly PBS schedule preferencing.

Default Category Roster Tool

The SSC has created a new Default Category Roster Tool to assist pilots with their selections during the LOA 20-05 Paragraph G process (displacement cancellations and Do Over process). Please note this tool is an estimation tool and not a guarantee of specific outcome due to the variables that can occur based on bidder selection for final award. This tool is best utilized in Microsoft Excel where one can filter and sort as they desire. Please be sure to review the information contained in the Assumptions tab for a complete understanding of the data presented. As an example, a common question is where one might be staffed in a particular Category for a particular cancellation or selection. To answer that, sort or filter by DFC (Default Final Category) and review the estimated look at that outcome. The tool also provides an estimated Junior Man based on the Default Final Category. The tool can be found in the E-Library or using this link: Default Category Roster Tool

Updated PTC-MPG Calculator

The PTC-MPG Calculator has been updated to include LOA 20-05 information on groups and block hour percentage compared to 2019. The calculator can be downloaded directly here and can be found in the eLibrary by searching "PTC-MPG".

This calculator is useful any time PTC is less than MPG, which will be true in November for about half the Categories. The PTC-MPG Calculator also helps pilots calculate the impact vacation has on PTC and MPG when bidding in PBS and Trip Trading. Using the Calculator

The calculator is an Excel file that allows you to input your information to see the effects of vacation and trades on MPG and PTC. The first tab is used to input pre-blocked absences and PBS credit range. After inputting your information, the spreadsheet calculates MPG, the PTC for the minimum and maximum amount of flying that PBS can award you as a lineholder (or the prorated number of reserve days), and your prorated Minimum Days Off (MDO). On the second tab, you can enter your trip information awarded in PBS and simulate making trades/drops/pick-ups and see how it affects PTC and MPG. Note: You will need Microsoft Excel (or a viewer) and depending on your operating system, you may have to save the file locally on your device in order to use the calculator. iPad instructions:

  1. Clink here to Download the PTC-MPG Calculator to your iPad (or airdrop it)

  2. This will open Excel; if not, you may need to select the arrow in the circle to the right of the browser address bar to bring up Excel

  3. Select “Sign In” on the far right

  4. Sign in:

  5. Use file number and global login:

  6. Use Flying Together password

  1. These same steps can be used for the Default Category Roster Tool

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