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ALPA C12 ORD Update - SEP 15, 2020

September 15, 2020, 11:15 CT.

  • ALPA C12 ORD Update - 09-15-20

ALPA C12 ORD Update - 09-15-20

Special MEC Meeting

Since Saturday, your Council Officers have been engaged in attending the special MEC meeting via Zoom. The purpose of the multi-day Special meeting is to fully understand all provisions of the Pandemic Recovery LOA along with additional LOA’s being considered by the MEC. We are also assessing previous input given to the negotiators on several outstanding issues. We expect an outcome on the Pandemic Recovery LOA by the end of business tomorrow.

If it is taking longer than usual to respond to your communications to us, we want to assure you we are seeing your input and will get back to you. Once we have voted on the LOA’s we will explain how we voted and why. Most importantly, Council direction will be our guide. This update is intentionally short because we know right now the LOA is the elephant in the room, and the topic you are most interested in.

[ UPA Displacement Provisions, Company Flying Highlights ] [ Partially excerpted from the Council 11 Local Schedule Update]

The company is planning an increase in flying for October as compared to previous months, but will cancel segments as needed based on demand or travel restrictions (Hawaii, for example). The increases are primarily on the 737 domestically and the 787 internationally. Cargo continues to be strong. The Company is also seeking out new markets or untraditional ones (see the Northeast to Florida winter flights announcement), in an attempt to increase revenue. Also announced this week was some new international flying for next year.

Schedule Highlights

  • Overall domestic ASM’s about 45% of normal, departures 50% of normal

  • Approximately 920 mainline departures daily

  • Block hours up approximately 20% vs. September, main driver is 737, plus 30%, 787, plus 10%

  • Credit hours were up across all narrow body fleets. 756 up 787 hours, A320 up 2,135 hours and the 737 up 13,223 hours versus the September bid package

  • Day of the week cancels continue - most reductions occur on Tue and Wed. Strategy is to remove an entire bank versus select flights. Company is reviewing these days as the shift in business/leisure travel may alter past philosophy. Sunday is now peak departure day, then Friday, then Monday

  • DEN and ORD continue to see most growth for use as connection points. IAD down to a single bank on certain days of the week

  • Network planning making most close-in changes between 8-22 days out based on demand. NOC handles within 7 days

  • Hawaii flying is fluid, subject to State’s quarantine restrictions

  • 787 up 10% versus September, continues to be a bright spot and currently has more credit hours then it did in summer 2019

  • Flights past October in are being used to gauge interest and demand. They may or may not actually operate

  • Pairings for November will not be released according to our original schedule. Expect handoff from Network planning on September 28th, release of pairings around Friday, October 2nd. Similar process to the past 3 months

  • Multiple international destinations return from several hubs. Please see Stefan Staschinski’s pairing outlook on Flying Together for complete details

  • HKG flying was cancelled due to entry restrictions. ORD-HND also cancelled

  • IAD-TLV starts Oct 25 3x weekly, EWR-TLV goes twice daily. Due to layover restrictions in TLV, the company will shorten crew layovers. This will be accomplished by intermixing SFO, ORD and EWR flights due to less than daily service

  • Cargo Service for EWR-FCO (4x weekly) and IAH-SCL (3x weekly) will be on 787 in October

  • IAH-EZE could start up again in October. Timing is still up in the air due to country restrictions

  • Additional 777-200’s coming out of storage in September for cargo and NFL charters

  • Captain IRO pairings will occur again in October, manpower needs are the driver

  • Mexico beach locations showing increasing demand, the company will watch and add as appropriate

  • The company and ALPA worked to shorten the overall trip mix to help alleviate layover issues with hotel availability and food service

  • MAX 9’s return to service is unclear at this point in time

  • Several W’s are planned as well as many bases flying live legs (or deadheading) into another base, then onto an international destination. This is needed to spread the international flying around to where the manpower currently is located

  • Cargo charters such as GUM-MNL and ORD/EWR-NRT-PEK, will be added into the bid pack this month.

  • Network has recently added some 777 flying back that has resulted in another look at the closure of the 777 base in ORD. That NPDM process is ongoing between ALPA SSC and Manpower Planning regarding keeping the ORD 777 base open.

For those previously displaced, there is no UPA requirement for the Company to train in inverse seniority order. Generally, that is the preferred process but not always. It depends on what Category a pilot is leaving, where they are going, what sort of training is required (none if a lateral, full course, some form of a requal, etc). That is why some junior pilots may still be in a Category while a more senior pilot has been activated in their new Category.

Some relevant UPA sections of note follow:

8-F-9 If a Pilot’s vacancy has not been cancelled or activated by the end of ninety-two (92) days (including the effective date specified in the bulletin advertising the vacancy) or three (3) Bid Periods after the vacancy bulletin effective date, whichever is earlier, the Pilot may at his option exercise displacement rights, bid any vacancy, or continue to be pay rate protected in accordance with Section 8.

8-F-10 A Pilot shall be released from work obligation and paid reserve guarantee if, after six (6) Bid Periods following the vacancy award effective date or date of displacement (as applicable), training (or activation in cases where training is not required) has not begun. However, the Pilot may elect, on a Bid Period basis, to continue receiving a schedule in his current Category. This six (6) Bid Period clock shall be suspended during a disruption to his training schedule as defined in Section 3.

What 8-F-10 means is that after 6 bid periods following the displacement effective date (20-07D: June 29, 20-08D: July 30, 20-09D: August 29) if not in training you have the option to stay home and receive the reserve guarantee with no flying obligation until the company gets you into training.

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