21-11V 2021-MAY-25 Snapshot

MAY 25, 2021, 18:00 CT

The first two snapshots show new hires with the highest seniority number being 13,111 (up from 13,047 - suggesting 64 new hires in the system for the May 25, 2021, snapshot. However, only about a dozen of these new hires show awards in the snapshot. So, a further analysis of CCS data is required to establish a correct template for Matrix category snapshots.

Since the company, with ALPA's agreement, has suspended the admin's CCS access, it looks increasingly improbable that the Matrix can continue to generate accurate Category Summaries for the snapshots.

Vacancy bid 21-11V opened May 21, and will close on June 2 at noon CT.

  • Vacancy bid 21-11V Snapshot for MAY 25 published: Flight Operations > Crew Resources > Vacancy bids

  • FLT OPS MAY 25 Snapshot - UAL Matrix Category Summary Webview is here.

  • FLT OPS MAY 25 Snapshot - UAL Matrix Category Summary PDF and Excel is here.

UAL Matrix Count and Category Summary is based on the 21-10V Final Category Summary.

21-11V Snapshot Count PDF for MAY 25 is here.

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