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2020-05-08 Snapshot Matrix

Updated: May 14, 2020

The snapshot only includes pilots who have submitted a displacement bid.

Important Manpower Planning Update.

the Company has determined they will probably need more pilots in some 767 and 777 FO Categories than they previously estimated. As a result, they have agreed to cancel 309 Displacements.

EWR 777 FO: 18 pilots (through seniority 7969)

SFO 777 FO: 63 pilots (through seniority 7988)

EWR 756 FO: 140 pilots (through seniority 9399)

IAH 756 FO: 52 pilots (through seniority 9394)

ORD 756 FO: 36 pilots (through seniority 8716)

ALPA SSC update for May 7, 2008 regarding relative seniority. The relative seniority in the company publications is in reference to current staffing numbers, so it does not reflect relative seniority at reduced staffing. The UAL Matrix spreadsheet added a column to calculate relative seniority in reference the the reduced staffing proposed with 20-07D.

Note: For filters and sorting to work, you must use Microsoft Excel.

MS Excel Spreadsheet is here.

  • Combines various company reports

  • Award count.

  • You can sort by any column.

  • Relative seniority percentages based on projected staffing in Bid 20-07D

The Manpower Planning Update from May 8, 2020, suggests the following headcount, however, these numbers DO NOT match the Min/Max bulletin:

I hope to get clarification this week.

Manpower Planning Documents:

Every pilot involved in or concerned with the process should read the relevant sections of the UPA (including section 8-E ). If you haven't read that section, you probably won't realize some important details and protections that are part of the displacement process.

The ALPA SSC published a document which is very helpful in explaining the process.

ALPA SSC update for May 7, 2008 regarding relative seniority.

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